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Ranch sorting is an exciting sport in the area, and one that more closely approximates real ranch work. Here’s how it works:

  1. We use two regulation size round pens, leaving a 12' opening (“gate”) in the middle.
  2. Ten numbered cattle are brought in, along with two others that have no numbers.
  3. A two-person team enters.
  4. Upon the first rider passing through the gate, a number is given.
  5. After this, the cattle must be brought through the gate in numeric order, leaving the unnumbered cattle behind.
  6. Any unnumbered cattle, or any cattle through the gate out of order results in a “no time.”
  7. A minute and a half is allowed.

Click to view our 100% money-back guarantee in a new window.This game requires a lot of precise herd work, and it will really get you reading cattle. It takes a lot of teamwork as well, with things constantly shifting so that team members will rotate from the gate position to making the cut in the herd, to turnback as the situation calls for. We will have weekly practices here, with Jackpots and weekly Shootouts with 50% payback. Competitions planned for the near future.

This is now an AQHA sport, and we are hooked! Every single person who had tried it has loved it, from novices to hardcore penners and team sorters. Come give it a try!

  • Practices to be held at CowHorse Ranch (see our contact page for directions & map).
  • To sign up, contact CowHorse Ranch 800 594 7254 or 760 789 7944 or email us at

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