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Cowhorse Ranch
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Other Services
For Horses, and Trailers

Riding Clubs Reserve A Private Weekend!
We will customize your weekend to include;
Ranch Sorting, Cutting, Reined CowHorse Work,
Barbecues to Musical Entertainment.
So come join us!
Call or email
for reservations.

Great Weekend Getaways at CowHorse Ranch
If you’re thinking of a weekend getaway with your horse, contact us! You could arrive on Friday afternoon, put your horse(s) up, then head on up for a nice dinner in Julian (or Ramona — we’re midway). We can assist you with B&B information. Ease into the day on Saturday, then either do some ranch sorting, ranch versatility, cutting here or trailer to Cuyamaca for some great trail riding (over 100 miles of beautifully maintained and marked trails). It’s about 35 minutes to the trailhead. Go the other way and you’re at the Pacific Crest Trail in about the same amount of time.

Saturday evening could be time for a barbecue, or another short trip to Julian or Pine Hills for dinner and entertainment. Sunday morning is back in the saddle — some one-on-one with cattle maybe, or a little cutting practice, or a 1 1/2 to 2 hour trail ride right out our gate.

Site map:

CowHorse Ranch • 19502 Rancho Ballena Road • Ramona, CA 92065
Phone: 760-789-7944

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