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While at CowHorse Ranch, you may work live cattle.

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Aerial views of CowHorse Ranch.
Aerial view of CowHorse Ranch Aerial view of CowHorse Ranch
Aerial View of CowHorse Ranch Aerial view of CowHorse Ranch
regulation sorting pens
150' round arena 150' round arena
90' x 90' cutting pen 90' x 90' cutting pen
120' x 240' 5-rail arena 120' x 240' 5-rail arena
Entrance gate into 120' x 240' arena

Entrance gate into 120' x 240' arena


We have four arenas available for your personal use:

  • 150' round arena with solid walls and cattle holding pens

  • 90' x 90' cutting pen with solid walls

  • 120' x 240' 5-rail arena

All arenas are rock-and dust-free. They have excellent footing and water sprinkler systems.

Arenas are available by the hour, the day, or half-day for one rider or a group. Use them to…

  • Introduce your young horses to cattle in a quiet, no-pressure environment, far from traffic and other distractions.
  • Tune up your seasoned horse before competitions.

  • Learn to read and work cattle without the pressure of a clock.

  • Work live cattle in any of the arenas, either by yourself or with turnback help.

Our arenas feature many amenities, including plenty of flat parking areas, wash racks, drinking water, hitch rails, etc. If you would like to bring several horses, we can longe or lope your second horse while you ride your first, then cool down and hose off your first horse for you.

Lessons also are available, and we have good horses for sale from time to time.

Ranch sorting and cutting, too.
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Live Cattle

We maintain a herd of 20 or more cattle at all times, rotating them out for fresh ones whenever they get tired of playing. You may work live cattle, either individually or as a herd.

Click photo or underlined links for larger view in a new window. Just some of the herd

  • Anyone wishing to work live cattle will find the 150' round pen an ideal work environment. You may wish to start your young horse by tracking a single cow around the pen, then stopping and turning with the cow, at whatever distance you and your horse are comfortable, moving gradually closer as confidence is built.

  • Cutters will appreciate the 90'x 90' solid-walled working pen to get a horse focused on his job. Working one-on-one will really sharpen your horse’s moves, especially when it comes to “working the middle.” This is a great practice pen, with plenty of room to be used with turnback help and herd holders. Its unique design allows for good air circulation and, like all our arenas, it is rock- and dust-free.

  • Working/reined cow horse enthusiasts will want to take advantage of the good footing and working size of the 120' x 240' five-rail arena for fence work. Good footing and proper moisture content makes “going down the fence” a rewarding experience. Plenty of room for reining patterns and for circling the cow.

  • Sorting is an excellent means of learning to work slowly in the herd, to read cattle, and to build a young horse’s confidence. Sorting can be done in either of the big arenas.

Turnback help is always available, of course.

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